The Creative Process

“Every man made thing started as a vision in someone’s mind”.

I read that quote somewhere and have always remembered it. Artists and craftsmen have the ability to picture things that don’t exist yet, put that vision into sketches and drawings, and then carefully figure out how to construct it. Over the years the process becomes more familiar and they are able to hone those skills and strengthen their power of visualization. When a painter starts a painting he’s using similar skills…starting with a foundation of values and shapes, creating the proper colors, adjusting the light and slowly adding details…creating something from nothing.

When Montana Fine Furniture works with customers, we are collaborating to bring your ideas into reality. We work with homeowners, designers and architects to create custom designs for their homes, offices and projects.

drawing of custom bar

When creating a custom design, the process starts with rough sketches and progresses to scaled, working drawings based on input from the client. A final drawing is OK’d by the client and work commences based on all of the information provided for the project.

sennewald bar drawing edited151

Then we get to work.

Wood is carefully selected for color and grain, pieces of rough lumber are cut, planed and milled ┬áinto parts which are combined with other components…like a giant 3d puzzle slowly becoming reality. Adjustments are made, parts are fitted, hand planed and sanded to a glass like finish.

Bar base cabinet

Throughout the process we are striving for accuracy, strength, comfort and aesthetics. This is not a factory where things are mass produced; this is a place where one craftsman builds a piece from start to finish using hand tools and traditions that have been passed down over centuries.


With 23 years of experience designing and building custom furniture pieces, we are confident in our abilities to create the furniture piece you want- a piece that will be handed down to your grandchildren.


We built this mahogany bar with matching bar stools for a client’s media room where he has friends over to watch the big games. We needed to scale the size of the bar to a medium sized room.


We incorporated a mirrored back bar, a black granite counter top, small lights into the top of the upper bar, and a back bar shelf for fancy liquor bottles.


The lower cabinet provided storage shelves on one side and a built in, small beverage cooler on the other side. Pocket doors were used in the lower cabinet to save space, and we even built in a hidden compartment as a finishing touch. The black leather upholstery of the bar stools matched nicely with the black granite counter top.


The final result was a beautiful mahogany bar, scaled to it’s location, which functioned perfectly as it was intended…and that’s because of a lot of thought, planning and good design went into it’s creation.

bar pic for Hpage 1024 x 7681

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