As the owner of 17 pieces created by David we can say that he is not a “furniture maker”. David is an artist who takes the practical to the level of heirloom quality art that is not only useful, durable and comfortable, but beautiful.

Scott and Lauren

Bozeman, MT

We just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our new dining set. You’re a true craftsman and we thank you so much for agreeing to make our table and chairs. We have had several compliments on it already. I will do my best to take care of it and enjoy it for years to come.

Thanks so much,

Lee Ann

Cody, Wyoming

My wife and I searched for several weeks at furniture stores and “on-line” for a Kitchen Island before we discovered Montana Fine Furniture. We were looking for something unique, custom and not “built-in” to add to our kitchen remodel and David provided just what we wanted. It was a pleasure to work with David as we conversed by phone and email to work out the details of what we wanted in an island. David supplied us with ideas and options during this time and everything worked out great. As we live in California we were a little worried on the shipping of such a heavy piece of furniture but the crate that David handcrafted to protect the island was perfect. It was delivered in less than a week of shipping and after removing what seemed like 200 screws from the crating we are now the proud owners of a beautiful piece of furniture.

John G.
Los Angeles, CA

I’m extremely pleased with the great design and workmanship on the C.D. Chest you crafted for me. You took my vague concept and turned it into an heirloom piece of furniture. The mohagany is gorgeous and the design elegant.

In the short run the chest solves a specific problem (storage for compact discs), but it is so beautiful and well made that long after CD’s have disappeared this chest will be still be in use.

Thanks for your excellent work.
Steve S.
Bozeman, MT

We have bought several pieces of Dave’s fine furniture and highly value them. We have furnished our home and cabin with well-respected commercial furniture brands, as well and with some custom pieces from two such furniture stores over the last thirty years. While that furniture fit the needs that we had at the time, we have found that Dave’s custom pieces bring out much more of the true beauty of the wood and that his designs take his furniture closer to a combination of utility and an art form. We will continue to purchase more furniture from him for years to come because of the high quality and beauty of his work.
Mike L.
Logan, Utah

We love the beautiful desk and chair and the bar stools. What beauty has been added to our home! Thank you so much!
Cathy L.
Logan, Utah

David is a real asset to the community. He’s an artist and probably one of the best furniture makers around. His work is beautiful.
David E.
San Diego, CA.

I must admit that I had high expectations about what you were for creating for me, but they fell short of what you actually achieved. The table is so stunning that I can hardly keep my eyes off it. The wood alone is incredibly beautiful and the marquetry simply exquisite! My only regret is that you do not have this magnificent piece to show off in your showroom. Thank you for your superb work, your taking on the challenge in the first place, and your intention to have my dream realized.
Linda B.
Wentworth, NH