David's portrait- small 58David began working in the home construction industry in 1981. As first a subcontractor and then a general contractor, he built and remodeled many homes. Designing and constructing homes and organizing subcontractors provided a great foundation to build a career upon. He still believes strongly in the skills and values he learned building homes in New England, Texas, California and Montana: structural integrity, attention to detail, creative design, problem solving, visualization- all of which cross over into the building of fine furniture. Two years studying commercial art and graphic design at a well respected art school in southern California  helped to prepare him for his transition into the world of furniture design and construction. In 1993 he made the move from home building and high end interior finish work to full time furniture building. Now in his 6th (and final!) studio, he continues to design and build custom pieces for clients as well as speculative pieces for sale in galleries and in the for sale section of this website.David holding Max