About Us

I have a hand-hewn, dovetailed log barn
on my property that was built around 1868. Over the past three years I have spent hundreds of hours stripping away the old roof, excavating 4ft deep around it’s perimeter, jacking up one side 18 inches, replacing rotted logs and pouring a foundation under it. Crazy? Probably. But when I’m working on it I can see the chisel marks, the saw cuts and the adze marks where Frank Crail, the young man who traveled by wagon train to Montana in 1860 to homestead this place, built it by hand.The barn is a piece of living history and a beautiful, weathered work of art. When the restoration is complete it will be ready to endure for another 100 years.

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Craftsmen are people who believe in preserving tradition. We are artists who get gratification from building beautifully designed objects- they are our legacy and should last for generations, and not go out of style in a few years. We have a commitment to quality and a belief in always striving to improve a design; to make it more comfortable, stronger, more pleasing to the human eye, smoother to the touch and easier to use. These are the traditions that have been passed from one generation of craftsmen to the next for centuries, and we have an obligation to do our best work.

We live in a world of disposable objects that are mass produced in the most efficient and profitable way possible, which is the antithesis of craftsmanship, and of art. One of the best simple pleasures of life is being surrounded by beautiful objects; an oil painting done by a friend, an antique passed from your grandparents to your parents to you, an old bronze sculpture that you love or a hand crafted piece of wooden furniture.